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SBG Athens, located in Athens, GA, is one of the premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Grappling, Self Defense, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing and Fitness gyms in the Southeast. We presently offer BJJ, MMA, Women’s Fitness, Children’s BJJ and MMA as well as Personal Training. SBG Athens is open to everyBODY from 4 years old to 400 and has programs for beginners all the way to professional fighters. Although SBG Athens has made a reputation as one of the top fight schools in Georgia we are dedicated to teaching self-defense and fitness through the vehicle of combat sports.

Did you know that SBG Athens is the only gym in Athens with Five Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts on staff? Did you also know that SBG Athens is the only gym in Georgia to have developed two World Champions? Well, now you do :) . All of our head instructors are either BJJ Black Belts, Brown Belts, Professional fighters, UFC and WEC vets or Professional coaches. Come see why SBG Athens was voted the #1 MMA gym in Georgia and has been featured in such publications as Figtht! Magazine, Ultimate MMA, The Red and Black, Southern Distinction and the Athens Banner Herald. Come get a great workout while learning an invaluable art that is taught to everyone from Police to Special Forces to Lawyers, Students and Teachers. The coaches and instructors at SBG Athens have hundreds of years of combined experience. This experience has been gained from years of training with some of the best coaches and has been battle tested inside the ring and cage.

One never need fight while training at SBG Athens. Most of our students are here for Fun, Fitness and Self Defense. Competition becomes a by-product only for a small percentage. Come in today and see how you can get your first 30 Days FREE!!! Go to SBG Athens now to learn more.

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